Landscaping: An Art of Creating and Maintaining Lawn

The secret to obtaining a healthy lawn during the summer lies in the method that you execute during spring. By implementing a methodical approach, you can gain and develop a healthy lawn that is resilient to the effects of the weeds, sun, heavy foot traffic, and pests. The history of landscaping originates from planning, designing and managing of large mansions, estate, residencies, and royal places. During 18th and 19th centuries, there was a high demand for obtaining a lavish garden among the noble residencies and royal palaces. This trend has led us to create and maintain a green lawn in your own backyard today. Here are a few steps that help you to create and maintain a healthy green lawn:

Expose your Lawn to Promote Healthy Formation of the Root System

Aeration allows the grass to respire, and also enables nutrients and water to reach the root system in a more efficient way. Execute the process in the autumn if your grass is a cool-season grass, like ryegrass or bluegrass. If you reside in a climate where warm-season grasses boom, aerate it in early spring. Many specialists advise that aerating your yard every 1 to 3 years would be helpful to provide a strong foundation to your grass.

Rake your Lawn to Eradicate Excess Thatch

Thatch or Straw is the rotten plant material that gets collected on the ground. A layer of thatch can block sunlight from entering grass and can stop water from reaching deep roots. Eliminating that extra thatch provides healthy grass during the summer.

Fertilize your Lawn as per the Type of Grass you have

Fertilizing your lawn at least two times in a year, especially during the growing seasons of your lawn will help the grass to sustain for a longer period of time. If you have cool season grass, use fertilizer that is higher in nitrogen rich fertilizer. Warm season grasses need fertilization during the summer, when the lawn highlights its first signs of liveliness.

Water your Lawn Keeping Roots in Mind

There are grasses that require about 1 inch (2.54 cm) of irrigation every week during its peak growing seasons. Watering deep roots helps grass to survive even in hot summer conditions, including famines. To gain best results, water your grass during the early morning or at night.

Trim your Lawn Regularly and Properly

Mowing your lawn is significant for the overall health of your lawn. Few things that you need to keep in mind while trimming your lawn are:

  • Avoid cutting more than one-third of the height of the grass while mowing.
  • Frequent mowing strengthens the roots, making the grass healthy.
  • Increase the mowing height of your lawnmower whenever summer months approach. Long grass shades the soil better, keeping it soggy.

Landscaping is very crucial to upgrade your lawn during the summer as it maintains the coolant within your surroundings. So, enjoy the summer and the cool breeze of your lawn!

Make Your Lawn Clean and Green with Quality Landscaping

How blissful it would be to return home and sit and relax in one’s own lawn with a cup of coffee. By this time, you must have already started imagining yourselves like this. Well, you can also enjoy it; it just requires putting in a little effort to prepare a lush green and beautiful lawn. Landscaping in Ottawa is important after every snow season. For this, a proper method must be implemented for regular lawn maintenance. This helps in maintaining a greener, cleaner as well as a lawn that can withstand snow, heavy rain, pests, weeds, foot traffic, and even drought conditions.

When landscaping in Ottawa, there are some primary steps which must be followed in order to maintain a lush green lawn, like regular mowing, irrigation, aeration, weeding, fertilizing, and over-seeding. Also, there is a monthly schedule for lawn maintenance that will effectively improve and enhance the quality of the grass of your lawn. Hence, it becomes essential to follow this monthly plan if you wish to have a beautiful and greener lawn.

March – snowmelt
Once the snow has been melted, the first step you need to do is to clear away all the debris from the lawn. Also, search for any dead patches and find out the cause behind that (insects, or any disease).

Start raking the lawn in order to breakdown the leftover snow while also removing the thatch. Look for the areas which have been destroyed by salt, aerate and put gypsum over it, as well as water it deeply in order to eliminate the salt. The dead patches can be reseeded while poor areas must be over-seeded with a mixture of grass seed.

Aerate and de-thatch the lawn. Use compost to top-dress the lawn. Preserve the lawn at a mowing height of 7-8 cm, and begin mowing once the grass dries up. Water the lawn 1”inch deep in between every 7-10 days. Apply corn gluten meal at the end of the month, but don’t use on the seeded patches.

Decrease mowing as grass starts growing slowly. Check the lawn for any pests or diseases. If the weather is hot and dry, keep watering the lawn. Keep weeding, if necessary or apply corn gluten meal.

Conserve your lawn at a mowing height of 7-8 cm. Look for any pests or diseases. Provide water till 0.5 cm deep frequently or let it turn brown, and don’t mow until it recuperates. Continue weeding, and cut the grass only if necessary.

Let the grass go dormant, and continue watering it 2.5 cm deep in between every 7-10 days, if needed. Continue weeding the lawn. Also, make sure to uphold the mowing height at 7-8 cm.

This is the perfect period to aerate, dethatch, and top-dress the lawn. Re-seed or over-seed the damaged areas. Water 2.5cm deep early in the morning, if needed, and check if the areas are infected with pests or diseases. It is important to remove any leaves from the lawn as it can cause damage if they remain on the lawn. You can also apply corn gluten meal if there is no seeding.

Keep checking for any insects or diseases on the lawn, and make sure to cut any leaves that are fallen on the lawn by using a mower. Apply gypsum to the areas that get affected by salt. Also, continue weeding and raking up the accumulated leaves.

Power Clean Eases Your Carpet Cleaning Task

Carpets are a familiar motif in Canadian homes. The weather in this North American region can range from very harsh cold temperatures in winter to scorching summer temperatures in some interior areas. At times, the temperature in Ottawa, in particular, can be extremely low to freezing point. The relatively healthier and dust-free environment in this area makes the use of carpets more ideal for covering floors than mats or other floor coverings.

The weather is conducive to Canadian forests growing some of the best quality of wood. The result of that is the popularity of Canadian hardwood flooring as the most durable flooring used in commercial and residential areas. Some people might prefer the floor to be bare. However, carpets are usually preferred as an attractive choice of decoration or as protection from the flooring that becomes cold during winter. In other words, carpets give the home or commercial space a warm and elegant look. Floors can be prevented from being discoloured with food spills with the help of a carpet while it provides softness and warmth to an otherwise hard and cold floor.

However, carpet cleaning is not as simple as it seems. There are various factors that you need to know. Carpets come in different colours and textures. They can range from warm colours of orange and yellow to dark brown and black shades. The materials used to make the carpets also play an important role. Different fibres like nylon, polypropylene, wool and yarn are mostly used. The make of the carpets whether weaved, knitted or embroidered, not only make a carpet look different, but also determine the type of maintenance required for its up-keeping.

Since the task of cleaning carpet is a challenging one, if fatigue or lack of time is an issue for cleaning the carpet, ensure you have an expert to clean off the stubborn stains and dust. Why exert yourself when experts can do the job effortlessly for you. Ignoring stubborn stains and dust deposits may leave your carpet like a rug than an asset to your home or office. Moreover, the classic quality of your carpet may fade overtime when you leave it unclean. It is a must for your carpet to be regularly cleaned and stains should be removed instantly before the carpet is left with a deeper and stubborn patch. If you do not have the time to use a machine to clean the carpet, call a professional cleaner to do the job for you.

Every job requires proficiency, even cleaning of carpets. So, professionals should be hired for this purpose. If you desire your wealthy Ottawa home or office to be spotless, cleaning your carpets should also be on a priority. It will not only help you maintain your status in society, but also maintain hygiene in the space you live or work. Since you require maintenance services for your carpet, you need to ensure you get quality services from a reliable company.

Power Clean knows best how to maintain for all types of carpets. We provide carpet cleaning in Ottawa with proficiency and care. Although the requirement of cleaning the carpet may be different depending on whether the house has pets or kids, we provide professional assistance to deliver quality services and satisfactory results. Kids and pets are known to create a mess in homes. They invariably spill or drop anything ranging from sauce to dog food on the floor that directly affects the carpet. The problem can worsen when the carpet is an expensive one and the stain is stubborn.

Carpet cleaning and its consequent maintenance is an important aspect to consider for prolonged use. Regular cleaning of the carpet helps in maintaining the new look and make it more visually pleasing compared to stained or poorly cleaned carpet. There are different ways how the carpets can be maintained. Different kinds of carpets require different cleaning techniques. Power Clean has immense knowledge and expertise with regards to carpet cleaning in Ottawa. We can provide dry-cleaning, steam-cleaning or hot water cleaning services for your carpet depending on the type of fibre and make of the carpet.

We ensure safety of kids and pets, in particular, while using organic and eco-friendly methods of cleaning carpets. Whether it is stain removal, anti-microbial and deodorization, or antistatic treatment, we provide high-standard and quality services. Your carpet will appear new with our cleaning services, and not discoloured or damaged after undergoing the maintenance process.

How to Choose a Reliable Carpet Cleaning Service in Ottawa

Choosing a quality cleaning service for your home or business can be a daunting task. There are so many out there! All of them have fantastic websites promising you THE BEST services, AMAZING RESULTS and friendly EXPERT staff. But how can you be sure this is all true?

You have to be careful these days with so many scammers out there. You have to choose who to trust carefully. Let’s take a look at the ways you can protect yourself from getting stuck with sub-par cleaning services so your money doesn’t go to waste.

Check Out a Companies Credentials

Deciding on using a cleaning service after only one phone call will not give you enough time to assess what they are all about. They will be very persuasive on the phone and have all the right things to say to you but don’t make a snap decision.

Put the phone down and check out the details they have given you. Visit their website and read testimonials and Google the company to find third party reviews on various sites and directories. Ask them for references and speak to people who have actually used their services if you can.

Power Clean professional cleaning services, has built up a reputable and respected reputation over 20 years for carpet cleaning Ottawa. Our cleaning staff received the prestigious Supplier Recognition Award of Excellence by NAV Canada for outstanding support.

Choose a Cleaning Company That Offers a Money Back Guarantee

When you think about it, offering a money back guarantee shows that the company is confident in their services and will provide it’s services at a high standard and ensure a high quality final result. If everyone was asking for their money back all the time then they wouldn’t get paid right?

Make sure you ask the company about this and get them to put it in writing for you. Not all companies will offer this and if they do there may be exceptions so read any small print.

At Power Clean, carpet cleaning Ottawa services, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be assured we will make sure you are happy with our work.

Decide on a Carpet Cleaning Ottawa Service That Uses Safe, Natural Cleaning Solutions

Many companies will decide to go the cheaper route and use cleaning detergents that may be harmful to your health. Whereas with Power Clean, our carpet cleaning Ottawa services, we pride ourselves on using eco-friendly products which limit your exposure to any harmful chemicals.

Basically don’t make a snap decision, do your homework and go for experience over lower cost. This will ensure your property gets the top notch cleaning standards it deserves.

If you would like more information or a quote for your property, please call Power Clean on 613-239-4393 or send us an email.